The "NEW" Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop is a modern print + design shop based in Gainesville, Florida.

If you’re familiar with the Creative Workshop store that used to be located in Gainesville (on 13th street), then you already know us!

Founded in 1986, the CW has always been the #1 place to get custom signs, flags, engraving, and professional picture framing.
Under new management and with far more web presence, we're operating the same as always, but with a fresh new look and feel.

We are a team of artists and designers that create 100% custom apparel, banners, signs, flags, logo design, and decals (no longer framing). Everything is made to order. Our workspaces consist of raw materials, blank t-shirts, Exacto knives and iMacs. Thats it!

We exist to make your vision a reality, and we do it well. Your questions, input, or requests are encouraged during the design process.

We hold ourselves to a high standard and never compromise on quality.